Wesclean is Going Green



Regard Eco-Paper

Regard brand bio-degradable paper products are gentle on the environment. The complete line of Regard Eco-Paper includes all the paper products to meet needs, while holding the same standard of exceptional quality consumers have come to trust from the Regard brand.



The Aquaphyll system consists of the Aquaphyll Protable Plus that offers speed, ease, and portability to any janitorial service. The dispenser meets the need of being compact, versatile, and easy-to-use. There are three selection settings that allow the user to choose between different flow rates, or high volume rinse. Pair the Portable Plus with the complete line of degreasers, all-purpose cleaners, maintainers, washroom cleaners, specialty cleaners and floor stripper, and you have an unbeatable system.




Regard Go Green

The Regard Go Green line from Wesclean offers a line of exceptional floor care products that have been designed with the importance of green cleaning, health and our environment in mind. As an innovative branch of the Regard family, Regard Go Green offers a complete floor care system promising the same exceptional quality and effectiveness Regard is known for, while remaining gentle on the environment.




PCS Microfibre and MicroClean

Incorporating Microfibre clothes into your cleaning regiment makes for a simple and easy cleaning routine! Corresponding colored clothes to certain areas is an ideal way to avoid the common problem of cross-contamination. The microfibre cleaning routine is simple, unique and effective. Invented to enhance the cleaning power of microfibre cloths, PCS MicroClean contains no surfactants or synthetic chemicals, is non-hazardous and not controlled under WHMIS, and when used to clean with microfibre cloths enhances the removal of organic soils including micro-organisms to very low levels and extends the life of the microfibre cloths.


Regard Go Green Bags

A virtual bag-within-a-bag construction helps minimize and localize punctures when they happen. These bags are certified by the Environment Canada Program and are made using Co-EX technology and materials that allow excellent puncture and tear strength. These bags are "Best in Class" for attributes such as energy use, amount of recycled material, and post-consumer waste retrieved and reused. Regard bags are made to provide greater stretch than normal liners due to cross linking of multiple layers of film. Full range of sizes available.




Regard Eco-Melt

The Natural Choice for your ice melting needs.
Regard Eco-melt is the alternative to regular ice melting products. Regard provides performance while minimizing environmental impact on the surrounding vegetation. Our unique organic additive coats every particle. It allows Regard All Natural Ice Melter to melt away snow and ice faster and at lower temperatures for increased safety to pedestrians. Regard Eco-melt melts ice down to -22C (-11F). This additive also acts as a corrosion inhibitor to reduce metal fatigue.




Orange-Sol Degreasers

Orange-Sol degreasers are industrial strength, organic, non-toxic, 100%
bio-degradable cleaners and are safe to workers, animals, and the environment. The US department of Conservation was so impressed with Orange-Sol, that after testing 300 products, Orange-sol was selected to aid in the clean up after the Exxon Valdez disaster. Now you can source this labour and money saving Green Cleaning technology exclusively from Wesclean.