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This item is a special order item and may require 1-4 weeks to deliver.

Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Electrostatic Applicators
Item Number: 44620002
Manufacturer Item Number: BP-500
Product Image
Description: BP-500 BACKPACK WITH ES120

The ByoPlanet BP-500 Series is a mobile backpack unit that was exclusively designed to provide our clients the ability to disinfect and protect very large areas in a short period of time and eliminate the threat of cross contamination.

This equipment has been very successful at eradicating Norovirus on some of the world’s largest cruise ships and has since become a very significant tool for airlines, first responders, hotels, health facilities and schools to protect themselves from hidden germs and viral outbreaks. It reduces the amount of chemical waste, requires less labor and significantly improves the air and surface quality of any environment.

Proven highly effective in disinfection and decontamination purposes, the ByoPlanet BP-500 Series has also been effective for pest and odor removal as well as enhanced mold remediation techniques. Units require very little maintenance, can be easily worn and operated by existing staff and may also be purchased with a swivel head, which provides 360 degree access.

The goal is to improve the health of the organization, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity which significantly improves the bottom line.

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