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Category: Carpet & Upholstery Chemicals
Sub-Category: Deodorizers
Name: BIOMOR CLEANER DEODORIZER 3.78L - 2268277001
Item Number: 07050007
Manufacturer: AVMOR LTD.
Manufacturer Item Number: 2268277001
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Description: BIOMOR CLEANER DEODORIZER3.78L: BIOMOR CLEANER AND DEODORIZER has a bioactive formulation that contains a proprietary blend including bacterial spores that effectively eliminates stains and odour molecules long after the clean-up stage in institutional, industrial and food service settings. Ideal to be used on all surfaces including all types textiles (carpets, curtains, shoes, upholstery) and in areas such as compost bins, garbage collection areas, washrooms and gym lockers. It attacks odours such as urine, smoke, skunk, vomit and other organic soils. BIOMOR CLEANER AND DEODORIZER is the result of intensive R&D efforts to engineer a solution that goes beyond the capability of other products currently on the market.
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